Druk Fred (2015)  My first movie made with Muvizu. Itís a short movie based on a joke about a drunk man losing his keys. 02.27
Below you can watch all movies I have made with Muvizu, beginning in 2015. Most movies are based on (old) radio theater plays, because they form a great base to build animations on, as you got a good story with good professional voice acting, which makes watching them more exiting. Have fun watching!
Camping (2016)  A very short movie for a competition on Muvizu.com on things that can go wrong on holidays. 00.25 Doris (2016)  The first movie based on a radio play. A true story about a girl running away from home with her boyfriend, after an argument with her mother. 14.37 The lodger (2016)  The first long movie based on a radio play about a serial killer who is after widows. 35.42 De wegomlegging (The road departure) (2017)  This time a Dutch movie, also based on a radio play. The story is about an ex criminal trying to escape his past. With English subtitles. 51.30 28 days (2018)  A more modern thriller from a BBC radio play about a man thrown in jail for 28 days for letting a terrorist sleep in his apartment for one night. 37.13 Special services (2018)  Another old-time thriller about a very strange hospital, or rather a special services institution. 18.00 Time after time (2019) - Dutch subtitles  A movie based on an older radio play about two men in a hotel, experiencing the same things over and over, where they canít seem to escape from. 32.36 Seeing in the dark  A roadmovie about a manís journey home, after being released from prison. 43.28 Ikes.nl Muvizu animations
This website is about my 3D Muvizu animation movies. I’ve discovered Muvizu in 2015 and I was immediately hooked on it. In my opinion there is no other program on the market that comes even close regarding price, speed and ease to make 3D animations. Of course there are downsides to it, as you are limited to the characters and their actions available in the software, so you can’t import and animate your self-made characters. You can however modify the characters looks to create a variety of different characters. Take a look on www.muvizu.com for more information, or go to the user based fansite www.anizu.uk 
Welkom to Ikes.nl
“Seeing in the dark” is a roadmovie about a man being released from prison and his journey home.
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Finding money (2016)  First place winner of a competition on muvizu.com about a man finding money stuck under a car wheel. 03.00 Surprise in the park (2016)  This animation was a showcase of experimenting to create a T-rex dinosaur in Muvizu. 00.53 Future movieÖ  Someday a new movie will appear here, I hope. So come back to check it outÖ 00.00 ?